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class Hub;

Hub allows to use different Documents on the same local machine, when for example documents are used in different threads or processes.

It allows them to communicate between them automatically, as well as allows to communicate with a remote server.

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Constructs the Hub


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template <class... Ports>
Hub (const DataModelBase & data_model, uint64_t user_id, Ports &... ports);

Constructs a Hub.

WARNING: The provided data_model and user_id must be the same as for all Documents connected to the Hub.

The number of connected documents is not dynamic and is set statically as many ports when constructing the hub.

The following example shows a set up where one document is in the same thread and process as the hub, and the other document is living in a different process or thread.

// port for the document in the same thread/process
PortDirect port;
// port for the other document in another thread/process
PortSocketTcp port2 (9090);
const auto user_id = 123456789ULL;
Hub hub (Model::use (), user_id, port, port2);
// make the local document
Document document (Model::use (), user_id, 'appl', 'gui ');
CarrierDirect carrier (document, port);
for (;;)
   // port2 needs to be processed regurarly for communication
   port2.process ();
[... in the other process ...]
// make remote document, notice that the document
// as a different component 'gui2'
Document document (Model::use (), user_id, 'appl', 'gui2');
CarrierSocketTcp carrier (document, 9090);
for (;;)
   // carrier needs to be processed regurarly for communication
   carrier.process ();


~Hub ();