Flip Basics Programming Guide

About Flip Programming Guide

The Programming Guide is a serie of guides intented for flip developers to assist into common tasks when writing a Flip application.

How to Use This Document

You don't necesseraly need to read each chapter of this manual. Chapters are separated in very specific tasks, for a very specific need.


You should be familiar with C++ programming, especially templates. You should be also familiar with basic C++ design patterns such as the Singleton or Delegate pattern.

You should be familiar with the MVC design pattern. In a flip managed application, flip acts as the Model part of the MVC design pattern.

See Also

See Flip Framework Reference for details on Flip classes.


This guide presents the following content in a didactic order.

This guide is intended to be read in its natural chapter order. The first chapter, Declaring the Model will guide you through the task of declaring a model to be used with documents.